Why did I stop writing ?

I really don’t have an answer, I often ask this question to myself and always I have the same answer, I know its dumb but still the same answer…. “Gee my phone doesn’t have a physical key pad” well I did bought another phone with a physical key pad, the key pad I love, the one of a BB, did I write ? No ! I didn’t. I really don’t remember the excuse I had for myself, doesn’t really matter anymore. I’m gonna write again.

There’s a hundred things I wanna write about but I just don’t know where to start probably I’ve lost the panache or maybe I’m just too dumb again. I’m gonna start to scribble and maybe I’ll get somewhere …..

I wanna write about the coins I loved, about the unexpected trip I had, the reluctance to do things I once loved to do, about the woman across the road waiting to catch a ride,  about the little kid taking a ride in the bike, about my own seed, I wanna write.

Now as I remember it was pain, emptiness, desperation, fear and hopelessness that’s always the key to me, the push for me to write, maybe now I’m too settled to be rattled and I wish I don’t wanna be rattled. That’s the only positive answer to this… But why waste all those things I wanna plot down for no good reason ? I gotta say all I have is a sheepish grin. But I have written about few joyous moment and even rusty old dreams and what not.

For once and for good I’ve decided no more flowery language or eloquent words I’m not gonna write for anyone else but for me as I always intended it to be and so it shall be. The little voice in my head gives a long sigh of relief, I know the things he’s been through. Be prepared to sigh off more often.

The categories that I have shelved my posts all these while doesn’t make no sense anymore, it’s time to create new categories. For once, for me, for the voice !


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