Selfishness has intruded into the very fibril that makes up humans inturn societies, deeming to be neglected and overlooked at all event, easy to say but hard it is indeed to overlook or neglect. Nope ! Let me put it this way … it’s not hard but the more it’s being overlooked or neglected it sums up to make a big joke.

I so really wish I could laugh here, that trademark sheepish grin and the devilish laugh that laughs, I wish. I am no saint being selfless I would never want to be but why is that every selfish deed of mine has been coughed up from deep beneath and dragged to be ripped apart until, the cohesive which holds it (me indeed) breaks out and scream out. Whilst other just expect me to overlook it and I have been overlooking it always ? Should I not speak ?

It is not wise to speak I comprehend but I can write no one is gonna hear me here, so I write. Talking of this brings me to the greatest triumph of selfishness in my life (of course against me). It’s a story of friends ummm…… yeah friends ! From my end though the world despised it and everybody doubted it, I know what it was. Not a hint, pinch or dot more than it. Now you get the idea right ?

Okay so it was friend what big deal, I gave up. And by god it’s a long process with patience and determination I did despite a hundred picking, I did. Voila ! What an accomplishment, Personally. I stood by my word and I did it. But does everyone like that ? if the answer is yes then, Lovely ! I’ve got an exceptional case here though.


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