Obsessive Choice

A sore in the heart,
Bitter, Sour & painful.
The ailing could be easy,

A hurtful reality,
walking past with all doom.
Ears filled with shards of
diamond, hearing ungodly.

Ground beneath the feet, shrank
collapsed and shudder over
all known world sucked into
a lair and imploded.

Imagination dreaded,
Imagined, discarded or yet.
Portrayal so obverse, intense
War: to obsolete the past, within.

Visual delight, Sensual awakening,
response at a whim, delirium extended.
Salted pears, friction and stuck up locks.
Wet eyes, repugnance shed.

Unthinkable, thought.
Realized and reiterated, finesse.
Unscrupulous fantasy, fancied.
In vain, In pain, In consternation.

Knowing the unknown, fragility.
Hell-bent, dwelling in the realm.
Loathe the moment,
Vile indents, left unseen.

Tainted yet unstained,
Aforesaid and listened,
Yearned to learn, learnt
Yearn to forget, unforgiven.

Emotions discerned, hoary.
Antediluvian secrets, unearthed.
Inglenook forbidden, pardoned.
Imprudent cravings, relished.
Enchanting fantasy turned garish nightmare.


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