Deep within a letter

Heard about the moment of clarity ? Usually mentioned by deliric men, in state of imminent delirium ? Well… it’s that moment, a moment of immense pleasure and clarity beyond the walls of the universe. Providing comfort and peace to an ailing soul. Enlightening with wisdom from every indefinite particles of dimensions around. The potency of those indefinite particles is beyond the capabilities of the perceiving realities known to any perception capable organism. And to define, to die.

When I had one of those moment of clarity, amongst one of the billions I’ve had so far few, very few have raised my curiosity to think it further and to enhance or to immerse in. There have been so many others too, I must confess though there have been more such ideologies that too long I have lingered on, they never took shape either cause I haven’t remembered it so well, I haven’t realized how to give a shape, I have ignored it.

So there I was asking the question to a fellow mate, “choose a random alphabet ?” part of a game that involved a lot of numbers, alphabet and random series of words that would never make sense when arranged in any order whatsoever and though I asked the question and even before I had completed the question I have the answer ready, it is a human tendency to always ask question when the answer is very well known ;), errr… ahem ! I have the answer ready !

Now this is the most interesting part, I started to think about the randomness of my mind to spit out the random letter, a letter that should have no Implication to my life absolutely whatsoever. Is it possible, I question. It’s not possible, I determine. So I start to think of the connections to that random letter spit forth from the darkest corners of my brain however awakens at the speeds exceeding the realms of my nerves and it’s conduction.

The first thing that strikes my oral nerves err… finger tips is the most important thing, I decide however even before the nerves received their orders to conduct the signals I knew that thing that will strike my mind the first, I knew it. And now for the first time I realize the importance of the letter and the entire plethora significant only to that letter. Woah ! I now realize the impact it had thrown on my life and soul. For however my logic exclude the plethora my randomness still lingers around it.And though there have been different reasons and an equally interesting story that circles around, the mind discards it temporarily and when I realize there is also another story to it, it is the consolation of my ego trying to find alternate reasons and to abrogate the importance of certain events and people just to boast the ego and to have a sense of pride. Then I realize the inequity of life and the inequity’s allure that is shed upon the life making it a little more charming.

It sure did. And my friend after a moment of clarity (probably) and a brief pause is stuck to find the random alphabet.

“Take your time my friend, take your time but I sure want that random alphabet now however long it takes” I giggle.


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