What defines a man ? Hmmm its too early for me to think on those lines … So what defines a guy who was once a boy but still not a man ? As per contemporary standards …. He’s gotta have the 4 W’s, wine, weed, wealth, women ….. I used to think I’m doing perfect justice to my roll until I realized that its no more.

Well alcohol never thrilled me …. Yet I drank … Gallons of it ! Why ? Cause my friends drank it …. Enroute I developed a tongue or two for whiskey …. If a man has never tasted the leathery taste of whiskey its better he be electrocuted ! smuggled bottles made my life and wall colorful …. But not for long when I gave up drinking for I DON’T KNOW WHATEVER THE REASON is … Once a drunkard will always be a drunkard. To evade social awkwardness I raised the filled glass with them but emptied if I felt like.

I didn’t realize the change then …. It was and it is and forever it’ll be a symbol of masculinity to drink and to give up drinking ! And so …. I didn’t realize.

Weed ! Oh …! Nature’s most beautiful creation in the world isn’t a sarcophuccus or a mammoth it is indeed MARIJUANA ….. The elixir of wisdom ! I accidentally bumped myself into it and never had I relished a thing in my life the way I had relished marijuana …. Weed gave me the ability to realize what I am and why I am, I. If not for marijuana I’d still be a MCP with a breath that stinks of aggression. I rediscovered myself in those everlasting moments of seconds. Not that I just rediscovered I also redefined myself. Whatever I’m now its because of it …. ! I owe you one Weed’o.

Talking of wealth ….. WHOOP ! I always had the fascination for something I don’t have yet never really had the fascination. It might be confusing but that’s why I have a surreal life ….. There lives this man who is me and he lives the way he sees it. History marked by literature has seen kingdoms rise and fall for wealth. I’m no scholar to research it all but I sure know one thing ! I’ve seen families torn apart and people drifted indistinctly and lost into oblivion.

So I decided, my wealth is what I see it as …. If I’m able to quench my thirst and hunger, able to cover my body and a place to sleep … That’s enough ! I’m a wealthy man and so be it !

Woman ! Who doesn’t like them …. ? Everybody does …. He who says he doesn’t like woman is the one who is insecure about himself. I’m not trying to justify myself but it is universal. Woman !

I’ve seen quite a lot of them and lost a few as well, I knew one thing for sure, the will for woman will never settle, it’ll rather always seek for a better one and wouldn’t settle at anyone until all are lost. I had a work around, I’ll make all those girls my friends, you cannot have them lost nor do you have them, it works meticulously.

Everything has is end and so it the hunt for women too … I’ve been around woman longing for them to comfort me but brutally they never did. So I thought its always this way rough and tough. The road to the ONE is never smooth. I completely understand life is about compromises and promises kept and broken, for a strange reason I did not compromise with most of those whom I’ve known, except for one.

I don’t know what led to it or how it happened, I thought I would be one of those secret admirers which I’ve been to one too many. Twist of fate, I thrust myself in her life and Voilá I found the ONE. Since then I’ve been making compromises, adjustments, promises with every true intention of holding it with the highest regard.

Ofcourse there’s been flaws and misses and I take a learning outta it after all life per se is a endless learning center ain’t it ? But a little while later I got stormed by a strange phenomenon … never had it before ….

When I see a girl / woman / lady I never compared then to anyone mentally and OF COURSE physically. I thought everyone in the world is the same but as times passed and changed, I started to compare ….

Anyone and everyone …. Anything and everything …. I started to compare with just one person and that’s my lady. Evidently of all the comparisons made maybe a 1000 maybe even more maybe even a 100 times more … There was just one unanimous winner and that was my lady.

Every quality I’ve seen in any girl is eventually higher in mine, does this mean I’m the worlds luckiest person to have the perfectly balanced woman or am I confused ? Its neither. Then it all made perfect sense to me and I also understood the meaning of the phrase ….. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

To me she is and she would the most beautiful woman ever in every definition and dimension I’ve ever known and will never know. I’m into the point, return from where is never meant to be.

I now also understand why the most beloved ones across the world is being pampered, its time that I do it as well.
I’m ready and up for it. All those contemporary standards that define a man is in reality are mere assumptions that lead people away to a flamboyance which has no meaning and in reality its now that feel, I’m a MAN, THE MAN indeed.

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