Dreams are good ! They are nice, sweet, enchanting revelations. Reveries aren’t the same.


The Morphean Hall of Love

It was a clear sane usual night and quite honestly then she was just a she to me, she wasn’t anyway close to be called HER ! I was quite confused why is that I had a dream bout’ her.

But I never realized it was a revelation well in advance to understand to the realms and not to let the ground slip underneath.

I was rather confused and thought myself to be a goddamn saviour and jumped head on into a deceptive pool that had more acid than water and shallower than my eyes.

It was a hall I’ve never seen a hall like that and I wouldn’t wanna see one like that ever. Dark pillars low hung roof and dimly lit candles sparring with the low hung semi lit translucent crystal chandeliers darkness not willing to reveal the colour of the walls, huge round greek pillars with nothing but naked.

The hall was filled with smoke or fog or mist or the evil of the oblivion. The hazy smoke dimmed the light even further. It was in a desolate need and desperately waiting for apocalypse.

As I entered through the vestibule pushed open the massively erect wooden panels, I smelt the stink. The place stinks of love ! All I heard was melancholic moanings and if for those moanings was the crude silence.

I didn’t like the place but it was like I was tied onto a snails back and sent into entourage of perdition. I had fewer choices but to witness it all.

As I move further into the hall with swallowing fumes and past those blandest of bland greek pillar, and deeper into abyss, saw a podia hidden behind the pale gossamer curtains and the silhoutte of a orgy.

A few more seconds later I was sliding past enqueued oracles waiting to enter into the gossamer curtains without knowing if its evil or benign that’s beside the flowing curtains.

I could clearly see what I was seeing but could not understand nor relate what I was seeing. It doesn’t make much sense for all those girls enqueued were either naked or semi naked, waiting to be loved.

As the snails crawl closer the stink of love was too high that I could not withstand it anymore, I slided with striken eyes and striken nose.

My blood turned blue when I saw her standing in the queue faithfuly hoping to be loved. I pulled myself up and stepped off the sliding track which I have been all this time and treaded towards her with heavy steps. I reached over and stood beside her with blue blood and red eyes.

She was standing there wrapped in a shawl that was barely enough to cover her vital parts, she had embraced it in such a way that she isn’t bothered about her body. She was vile She was dripping and She was mesmerized.

I didn’t wanna let her walk into gallows, I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, maybe its divinity behind the curtains on the podia, albeit it was insane to see that all those enqueued were ladies naked, semi naked, dripping and walking dead.

I grabbed her by the waistline took her by my chest and ensuring the knit was in place pulled her off the queue and fell back on my back, here I am lying on a amoeboidal colossal pack of soft to lie substance with her still within my clasp and held tight.

I held her against her will, she strove to break free my arms and to rejoin her rightful place in the queue amidst a naked lady with a child and a thing that can’t be called as a homo sapien. I tried hard not to let her go… She isn’t a dying soul, with all her might. I held her and whispering in her ear pleading not to go and to wake up….

Why would she listen ?????

The stink grew harder and the light grew dimmer yet despite my struggle to break her free from whatever had happened to her the disturbing silence grew more silent.

My clasped fingers melted, limbs became numb and hands fell lifeless, she need not strive any further realizing it, she got off my lap with all the grace of her gone, it was more mechanical, grown weary of the knit she lashed the cloth away and walked straight into the curtains with greedy and gleaming eyes.

I could not take it anymore, yet I can’t do a thing for I lied there lifeless yet my eyes were wide open and could see her walking into the curtains, the stink grew harder and I begged for death to come and finish me, instead death whispered a lullaby in my ears that put me to eternal sleep.

And I shunted my vitalities one at a time, my mouth lost the power to widen and tongue splattered before it could say “SORRY” and the drapers of ears fell down slowly and gracefully listening to her footsteps that echoed in the silence and faded in the slashing fumes, nostrils plugged by the evergrowing lovestink killed the nausea instantly but killing the nose prior. And I closed my eyes to the lullaby watching her little pale fingers touching the curtains and slept for eternity.

If not for Morpheus it would have been possible for anyone else to reveal it so beautifully though I didn’t care to understand the myriad of revelations…. OH ! MORPHEUS I beg for thy forgiveness ! For I ignored thy bittersweet revelation.

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