What’s mine ….?

A few weeks before I was put on a hot seat (in a hot seat conducted by only girls) and I knew the questions would be tricky, I was never scared of hot seat cause I always take pride in being myself and would say things right on face !

Quite frankly those girls aren’t upto the mark eh ! They could not get my seat warm (not to mention hot :P), all those primordial questions and answers that I did not waste to second to reply ! Awwwwww….. It sucked !

But then was the question,

How would you want your life partner / girl friend / bed mate to LOOK like, if they are different or same, tell all specifications ?

I was like whaaa……t ? That’s a really good question ( I said to myself ) ofcourse I can’t say that to them then they’ll know they had it !

So I said some genric things that make no sense, all of them made no sense even to me 😉 lol !

But I came home and at different timings / days / nights tried to take a glimpse back at that same question.

I have a habit, I picturize everything before I talk, I write I even picturize before I think I should picturize.

So I picturized myself standing at the second floor of a shopping mall looking at a girl walking towards the elevator with my hands on the rail and myself leaned towards mother earth wearing a disgusting blue denim and a green tee with a footwear straight from requiem.

And I said “oh my fucking god !” to a girl not taller than 5′ 7″ and not shorter than 5′ 6″, she was not more than 48 kgs in weight and a head full of black springy bouncing hair, she was wearing a taut sleeveless black wrapper that showed off her bodyline and a loose beige cargo draper that said “brother ! I hide one of the longest legs in the world” coupled to a blue converse.

And she took my bike keys hanging in my right belt loop, lowered her glasses and said let’s go for a ride and I’ll drive ! I felt like Newton was wrong with proposing the theory of gravity …… and said “Yeah sweeto ! Why not ?”. Ummm…… That’s must be my girl friend.

And here I’m standing in a black tuxedo beside a white gown that hid the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, her tanned complexion, sharp nose, wide eyes and tiny but larger upper and smaller lower lips did something to me,

When I grabbed her tiny fingers I knew her palm was not more than half mine ….. For a moment I stepped behind to see if she’s taller than me 🙂 thankfully she isn’t ! I’m gonna break those high heels after today, She had those beautiful waist line “Grab me ! Grab me !” they called.

She’s the same girl who stood beside me in the shopping mall ! I’m blessed beyond uncertainity.

And just a kiss from her would saturate all my lust I had since I knew how to look at a girl, yet will ignite a fire that’ll burn through a thousand nights and dark days of synthetic music, heat and lust, bleeding necks and dirty words !

So they must be my wifey and my bed mate !

Though it was on different days and on different occasions, what I inevitably noticed is that I don’t want to have three different people, I want one woman to be with me in all three phases ……

But yeah ! Dreams are supposed to be Dreams if Dreams become reality then we’ll loose the flair of the very essence that drives life.

So that woman will remain in my dream and I ain’t gonna search for her, for life is full of compromises its just about when and where you make it! A lesson I learnt of late a hard learnt lesson.

Whatever ….. I now at least know what I can name as my Dream One, the one who should always be in my dreams and the one I should never meet and the one I’ll give up, for the woman who loves me 🙂

For then she’ll replace her at every point of life and shopping malls might become churches, white gowns and black tuxedo’s may become red saree and white shirt, synthetic music may turn to obnoxious silence.

But who’s she I thought I knew but NOPE I didn’t …. So until then the girl at the mall will be it all ! Here I come my sweet little unknown lady of dreams for you are the only one I’m left with !

This could've been mine .... from a half remembered dream !



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